Cuisine is a WordPress development kitchen for all kind of developers. Developers can finally focus on visual and functional perfection for Cuisine gives you a great head start on custom theme development.
Stop installing… start developing

A note on the folder names of our plugins: These are currently prefixed with "chef-". This eventually will be prefixed by "cuisine-", but due to technical problems we could not get this done in time for the beta. <!-- 6-28-2016 -->

Getting Started

You can get started in a multitude of ways, but the recommended one requires you to basically use everything in the following list:

  1. Download or clone Cuisine Core from GitHub. The master branch will always contain the latest stable version.
  2. Install Cuisine Core like a regular WordPress plugin and activate it.
  3. Download or clone Cuisine Sections, Cuisine Forms and any other of the plugins you wish to use. You can also install these like regular WordPress plugins and activate 'em
  4. Get our base theme Carte Blanche from GitHub and activate it like a regular WordPress theme.
  5. Install the theme, following the theme's instructions
  6. Navigate to your theme's directory using your command line and type `grunt watch`, to make sure your Sass gets compiled
  7. You're ready! Have a go!

To get started using the entire Cuisine plugin suite, you'll need a few things pre-installed: NPM, Grunt CLI and finally Sass.

These tools are to provide a working Sass-pipeline in your themes. If you prefer to use your own styling, you are able to ignore the Cuisine Sass pipeline, by adding the following the line to your functions.php: add_filter( 'cuisine_ignore_sass', '__return_true' );. You can also do this with a WP CLI command: wp cuisine sass --ignore.

Happy building!

Cuisine Core

This is the backbone for all of our plugins. If you're not a developer then just install Cuisine because our other plugin's depend on this. If you are a developer, have fun. This will make your WordPress life a lot easier.

Cuisine documentationCuisine on Github

Cuisine Sections

Sections is a layout builder. And before I hear a collective developers-sigh; this layout builder is reliant on just 27 lines of Sass and keeps your html clean. It was build for (frontend) developers and end-users. And by that I mean you’ll need to apply styling to columns and rows (or sections); the end-user can’t do that. But since the end-user only gets to say what the content will be, the UI is actually really clean and simple.

Cuisine Sections documentationCuisine Sections on Github

Cuisine Forms

Our form-builder. Easily create forms via the WordPress admin, like you’re used to or use Cuisine Core’s field-engine to generate a form from code. It saves entries, defaults SMTP-sending and has a top-notch frontend UI with inline validation and instant feedback.

Cuisine Forms documentationCuisine Forms on Github

No more wacky coding, heavy queries or weird formula’s to serve your customers the ability to relate posts. Better even… to let WordPress relate posts for ya.
This plugin offers handpicked relations, bidirectional relations and even automatic relations to you and your customers.

Cuisine Related documentationCuisine Related on Github

Cuisine MailChimp

Yes, this makes life so much easier… now it all falls together. No we’re kidding, but this nifty little plugin hooks to our Cuisine forms and lets you add MailChimp signup functionality to all your forms.

Cuisine MailChimp documentationCuisine Mailchimp on Github